Co Ed Bare Spa and Naked Fitness At Our New Gym

Bare Spa And Naked Fitness
Naked Spa – Because you may have heard on the Naturist Living Show podcast, FKK bought a spa / fitness center! We partnered up with our buddy Joshua to get a women’s health spa and naked fitness center in Fords, New Jersey. Now beginning May 4th, FKK will be hosting co ed Bare Spa Sunday’s, opening the doors to naturists to come and enjoy the facilities every Sunday from 2:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

The 6,800 square foot space includes an array of fitness equipment, including treadmills, ellipticals, free weights and more. It has a sizeable training space, perfect for big group classes and training. And it is possible to experience it all, fully nude!
Most important for naturists, it features a pool, whirlpool, sauna and massage therapy room. With a major renovation in the works, Terlam will shortly feature a steam room, hydrotherapy room and a full spa-like ambiance. Naked courses will be arranged, including naked Zumba, nude yoga, Pilates and kickboxing, as well as massage therapy, endermologie, body scrubs and much more!
We’re offering a variety of strategies, including day passes, 10 packs and 20 packs, to ensure that whether your home is close or far, it is possible to get the most out of . During summer time, it’s the perfect stop-off to and from Gunnison Beach. Most activities and groups will be a part of the price, while some specialized activities will cost extra and will be posted at the front desk. We take credit cards, cash and checks.
Located in a prime location, just off Route 1, the Garden State Parkway, I-287 and the NJ Turnpike, and next to major train stations, including MetroPark and Woodbridge, the club provides simple use of naturists along the Mid Atlantic corridor. By train, it’s 30 minutes away from Manhattan and 1 hour away from Philadelphia.
FKK nude health spa sundays
This really is a private unclothed occasion hosted by at Terlam Women’s Wellness. As said, during the week the facility is a conventional cloth women’s wellness center, and charges different fees for membership, treatments and class contribution. Based on the response, we expect to offer more naturist hours including Saturday afternoons and evenings, in addition to special events and celebrations.
So come and join us on May 4th for our first standard Bare Spa Sunday! See the event page for pricing and more details.
You can learn more about Terlam at (Keep in mind you won’t locate information about our Nude Spa Sundays there, as we’re merely advertising this on the FKK website.)
Here are a few photographs of our new location!
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