FKK Teams Up with Andy Golub in Live Nude Body Painting

Naked Body Painting By Andy Golub in NYC
Naked Body Painting NYC – Last week, I got naked in Times Square. Stark naked in the heart of New York City. I even convinced to get naked with me. What exactly was the occasion? follow with artist Andy Golub! I ‘d interviewed Andy Golub for my site a few months ago and really liked his artwork and manner of turning bodies into living canvasses. I believe his work challenges people’s understanding of the body, particularly those who fear nudity or feel shame towards their own bodies.
So Andy and I decided to collaborate on a group naked body painting session in his most frequented place, Times Square, where he is painted over 30 times.
Nude Body Painting by Andy Golub
It started with me at 6pm in the pedestrian plaza. I stripped down to just my pink thong, and Andy immediately swept his brush to cover my breasts in paint.
Later, Justina, Beth Nolan, and Eva showed up, along with a man friend of Eva’s. He slowly swept shades over the four of us as the crowd grew and cameras flashed all about. The crowd was tremendous. Andy and his assistants would occasionally need to tell folks to step back when it began feeling claustrophobic.
As can be expected for the reason that area, it was mainly tourists flocking in droves. The observers looked happy, mesmerized or merely baffled by what we were doing.
Following Andy’s agreement with the city, we were permitted to take off the undersides after sundown (despite the fact that it never actually gets dark in Times Square). Somewhere about 8:30/9pm we took them off. It felt great to be completely nude in the middle of NYC. I felt naked couple in leucate vilages . I was surprised at what a difference it made, taking off that one small bit of staying fabric.
And we had fun! Minnie Mouse and Elmo came over to say hi and gave their acceptance. We took group pictures in front of Sephora. And here we were, energetic works of art, standing right next to cigarette butts and empty chicken McNugget cartons on the plaza earth. I was kind of amused by the contrast.
A publication called Vice Magazine covered the whole thing with photographs and video. Before I comment, I actually want to discover what you believe.

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