Naturist Camping In Croatia – Overview of Bunculuka Campground

Naturist Camping Review of Bunculuka in Croatia
Naturist Camping at Bunculuka in Croatia – By the time Gosia and I reached Croatia there was a rainbow gleaming in the distance. At long last we believed our hunt was done. The beautiful sun filled sunny skies waited. We headed to Medullin, a town on the southern tip of the Istrian peninsula where a friend of Gosia’s helps to run a pension. Much needed laundry was done. The atmosphere was cool. Gosia’s friend assessed the forecast. Rain was on the way for Istria. Rain was on the way to almost everywhere. I wondered where it could have possibly come from. One thing I knew for sure. It wasn’t America’s error despite what everybody kept telling me.
Each day, on the slender guarantee of a fairly friendly forecast, Gosia and I decided to head east along the coast – to the island paradise of Krk. The landscape was breathtaking. Highway curves protruded off the sides of cliffs. Everywhere jagged rock soared up into the sky. beckoned. The only issue was remaining on the highway. It wasn’t merely a matter of keeping my eyes off the landscape. It was in Slovenia that I realized my GPS didn’t include Croatia. I was driving blind with only a hazy freeway map to guide me. It was through sheer luck that Gosia and I had stumbled into a Kaufland where we could buy a much needed electrical pot to heat up water. Our Communist age screw-in stove took an hour just to get water steaming, never mind boiling.
Despite the highway map I missed an exit. That meant an extra toll. If there is one thing I didn’t expect on this trip, it was how much I ‘d have to pay for the privilege of driving. The entire continent, with the blessed exception of Germany, necessitates paying tolls for the use of expressways, normally in the form of a sticker called a vignette. Prices range from 10 euros to 40 euros. Talk about missing America. If there was one difference about Croatia, it was the fact that they employed young lads at the ticket booths whose job it was to press the button that , get the ticket and give it to you as if you as a foreigner had no idea what to do like back home in New Jersey, where there is no such thing as a gas station with self service. The very first time I pulled into a gas station in Europe I honestly didn’t know what to do.
Bunculuka Croatia Nudist Campground
The island of Krk has few gas stations at least from what you can see from the main road. We saw nothing but amazing brush. With three choices of nude friendly naturist camping accessible, Gosia and I decided to try the farthest one from humanity. It was Bunculuka, situated at the end of a fishing town called Baska, itself situated at the mouth of a narrow valley in turn situated at the southeast corner of the island. It meant driving up a steep incline which at times I doubted my Ford Escort could do. But do it it did. Descending through the hairpin turns on another side we did not repent it.
By the time we arrived at Bunculuka’s reception desk Gosia and I were both breathtaking in the viewpoint. We quickly declared our wish for a area. The secretary gave us a queer look. She inquired with her sharpened English, can you understand this really is a nudist camp? Gosia and I couldn’t help but grin.
Yes, we wept. That’s why we’re here!
We were at the end of the world.
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