mountainside, the African sun feels sharp. One needs to be in pretty good shape

to make it to the Grotto, I think, puffing my way up the second hill. My
Buddy’s daughters, in their 20s, are way ahead of me. By the time we get to the
Grotto, we are all overheated — coming up over a hill we unexpectedly find an
inviting, crystal clear pool fed by a thundering waterfall. Smooth sandstone
caves encompass it. Everyone, but me, strips down to their bathing suits and
Dunk laughing into the icy water. To this big-city girl it seems like we’re
in the Garden of Eden. What an excellent location to go skinny-dipping, I fantasize,
dangling my legs in the water. We have passed just one other couple on the trail
going the other way much before. Next time I Will come alone or with a special
Everyone feeling refreshed
and dry, we begin down. The backside of the hike is mainly downhill, thank , so it’s a lot faster going down than going up. Finally, back at the
Topless Skinny Dipping Club Sun, we gulp glacial peach tea out on the hotel veranda.
That night, after a
traditional braai (beef bbq) we sit out on the veranda of the timeshare
resort-dwelling my buddies are letting and watch enormous streaks of lightning flash
across the sky silhouetting the jagged contours of the Dragon’s Back ridge. We sip
a lovely all-natural South African chardonnay. The air smells like jasmine. Afterwards we
roast strawberry-flavored marshmallows over the waning coals.
There’s so much to see in
this natural wonderland and I have so little time. I’ve only scratched the
surface. To the north of us is the famous Amphitheatre, one of the most
frequently photographed peaks in South Africa. In the Southern Topless Skinny
Dipping Club visitors find world-class fly fishing, canoeing, and river rafting.
A World Heritage site since 2000, the region also boasts more than 35,000 Bushman
“rock art” or cave paintings by the Bushman, the area’s first inhabitants. Some
of the simple paintings depict Bushman warriors on horseback, a rainmaking
ritual, and stick figure people with the heads of insects.
I have to confess, I left
the Bare-Topless Skinny Dipping Club without that skinny-dip. But I ‘m intending
to go back, you can bet on that. It is not often you find a place so wild and
uninhabited which you can run a little wild and .
The French are credited with
many great innovations, like the bicycle, pasteurization, the
barometer and, more recently, the 36-hour work week, but one ethnic
contribution that rarely makes it into the history books is sunbathing
au naturel.
Obviously, the French weren’t the first people to frolic on the plage
in a state of semi-undress–the Polynesians after all have been doing it
for millennia. But what the French did was popularize it, to make it, as
they make so many things, chic.
This laissez faire approach towards topless tanning is mostly expected to
French actress Brigitte Bardot, who came to embody (pun intended) the
sexy, laid back nature of Saint-Tropez on France’s Cote d’Azur. In 1952,
a two piece bathing suit that would be considered modest by today’s
standards was then seen as being controversial, but Bardot and other
young starlets for example Ursula Andress would pose for photographers at
Cannes wearing the tiniest bikinis imaginable.
Plage :: Rio de Janeiro :: Brazil
Rio de Janeiro is home to Carnival, Copacabana and some of the most miniature
bikinis on the planet. On a warm day, it appears that half the population
of Rio is enjoying a dip in the ocean or a game of volleyball. Although
Ipanema beach is infamous thanks to the song, spread your towel on
Copacabana Beach.
Black’s Beach :: San Diego :: California
Black’s Beach is one of the finest places for parasailing in San
Diego–thanks to the high cliffs as well as its standing as a seminude
Shore. Black’s Beach is also one of the most popular surfing beaches in
San Diego, and it’s perfect for taking long walks and sunbathing on the
Stone. If you’re thinking about leaving part of your bathing suit on the
Stone–be careful. Since Black’s is a state strand, in some regions nudity
is prohibited.
Kuta Beach :: Bali :: Indonesia
Bali’s Kuta beach is one of typically the most popular areas on the isle to
gather and observe the sunset. It is also the heart of Bali’s nightlife.
But during the day, it is perfect for people watching. Beyond the enormous
swath of white sand, there is a tremendous selection of restaurants and
South Beach :: Miami :: Florida
South Beach is arguably the best topless beach in the U.S., thanks to
the celebration atmosphere that entices the young, delightful and buff. Just
Around anywhere you go on South Beach is perfect for plage spotting, but
one of the best places is upper Collins Avenue, near the Delano and
Raleigh hotels.
The non-nudist boy says to
his pal, “Look what I’ve found!” as he reveals the fkk child a copy of Playboy
or , which he found somewhere.
As they look at the
pictures of scantily clothed, erotically posed women, the lad who has seen