My Wall Street Arrest

The Story Of My Wall Street Arrest:
My Wall Street Arrest- No, this wasn’t a protest and this was at least a month before occupy wall street even existed. No, I was not attempting to jump the fence before the NY Stock Exchange to get back lost funds. I was acting in part of an art performance called Ocularpation! A piece contrived by artist Zefrey Throwell. As you might seen from our posts last week, Zefrey contacted us looking for folks comfortable with public nudity to participate in his next artistic endeavor. (And what better folks to contact than Nudist Portal?)
The performance took place this morning on Wall Street at 7:00 am. 50 people took part, all role-playing the various occupations on Wall Street, from janitor to fitness instructor to fiscal consultant. Zefrey was truly inspired for the endeavor by his mum who lost all her retirement money in the stock market crash in 2008 and found herself broke and jobless in her 60’s; a tough spot to be in. His idea was to expose the mysterious inner workings of Wall Street and make people think about what really occurs there day to day.
Walking My Invisible Dog
I decided to sign up and was even more pleased once I understood the occupations were going to reflect the genuine employment demographics. I played dog walker, which represents 2% of Wall St workers. met in the park first. I acknowledge I was nervous, but ready for action with my invisible dog leash contraption, whistle and plastic bag. We soon headed to our given areas on the road.
At 7am I began walking my invisible dog. “Come on doggie!” Some amused glances from pedestrians. I took off my tank top and actually started getting into my role. “Good lad, good boy!” Before things went any further, a police officer came up- “Put your top back on. Go put your shirt back on!” I quickly complied, and then to my surprise, he arrested me. Here is fundamentally our conversation that followed..
Detained On Wall Street
Officer, putting on the handcuffs- “Here you go, is that what you wanted??”
Me- “No”
Policeman- “What’s all this going on?”
Me- “It Is an art performance.”
Policeman- “This isn’t art, this is retarded!”

Me- “That Is subjectiveIsn’t it legal for me to be topless anyplace in NYC?”
Officer- “Yeah right what does one believe you’re doin’ walkin around topless like you are walking a dog. You have to come with me and be emotionally evaluated, then after that maybe you will be free to go. It’s retarded, this can be simply dumb faking to walk a dog without any top on. There are children around.” (I failed to see one kid during this performance.)
Me- “Occasionally people pretend to do things in artwork”
My Wall Street Arrest Story
He grabbed my stuff and brought me to sit with 2 other men in handcuffs. They were a stock trader and a janitor who had totally stripped down during the 5 minute functionality. One was told he wouldn’t get arrested if he put his clothes back on, but the policeman “altered his mind.” So we sat there and then took a ride to the precinct to spend 2 hours in jail.
We all got a desk release with tickets and a summons for disorderly conduct. My fellow jailbirds also got indecent exposure charges. Just before we were released, an officer (I believe the same one I spoke to earlier) reasserted his opinion that we should’ve all been psychologically evaluated first. Alas, his opinion was disregarded, and they gave us back our items, including the janitor broom and my makeshift leash, now turned upward and distorted.
Still, pertaining to me personally, I don’t have any idea what laws I broke or why I was even arrested. Thus far no one, not even the cops themselves, could clarify to me what nude beach na videu did wrong.
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