Although the study was intended to discover which societies were most insistent on wearing clothes with the objective of modesty, this study discovered that children’s awareness of nakedness was strongly tinged with remorse. As they aged they conformed more to their parents’ modesty training, thereby causing children’s guilt about nakedness to improve with age. Such guilt was found in kids who did not comprehend, accept, or appreciate their body and its sex organs as natural and ordinary.

Robin Lewis and Louis Janda conducted a study in 1998 to analyze the association between adult sexual adjustment and youth exposure to nudity, sleeping in the parental bed, and parental attitudes toward My lovely wife and I and 6 other couples which are good friends have been going to the . These parts had mixed results in previous studies, which necessitated further research. Lewis and Janda used an extensive questionnaire to study 210 undergraduate university students about their childhood encounters with nudity.
The results of the study were clear: there’s a confident association between childhood exposure to nudity and adult sexual relaxation. Further, the study found that kids from birth to age five who were exposed to nudity felt less suffering with affection and physical contact as they grew older. Kids ages 6-11 who were exposed to nudity (i.e. naturist kids ) had greater self esteem and knowledge about sex.
Margaret Mead is an anthropologist who has completed many studies on the effects of nudity on children and is among the most well known researchers on this topic. Dr. Mead examined cultures throughout the world and noticed many negative effects that clothing had in the western culture’s clothes-dependent society.
These effects include a separation of self in the body, too little point of comparison for all body parts due to clothing covering them, a preoccupation with sex that’s stressed through clothing, and a lack of instruction about the human body associated with lack of exposure to it. She further identified that the nudity or partial nudity common to more primitive cultures wasn’t an indicator of a deficiency of modesty, and the manner nudity is managed within a culture is more significant compared to the existence of nudity in ascertaining whether it’ll have negative effects. One area that she emphasizes is that a kid must see nudity among adults so they understand what their body will become; this is essential to the developing individual.
One common theme through the research was the effect of the family’s and society’s attitude about nudity on children. The presence of a positive or negative approach towards nudity was far more important than every other factor in nearly every situation when it came to how a kid would respond to nudity around them. These studies demonstrate that not only is nudity not damaging to kids (sorry Dr. Spock), but that they can gain in various ways from exposure to nudity in a body-positive, accepting environment.
Children can obtain increased knowledge and understanding of the body in every one of its types along with greater comfort with sexuality and physical contact as they grow old. Additionally they learn to accept their own bodies and have greater self-esteem. Thus it’s really up to us as parents, as teachers, as individuals, as a society, to embrace a more open and accepting perspective of nudity for kids to gain.
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Nudity, Family Nudism and Raising Naturist Children
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Family Naturism and Raising Naturist Kids
Nudism is a way of life, a doctrine for some. It’s not about stripping offone’s clothing to be an exhibitionist. It is about personal independence and acceptance of the human body in all its forms and attractiveness.
I grew up in a unclothed dwelling that supportednudismand family nudity.
It was only natural that my husband and I also practice family nudism. When in private, we and Though I’ve considered myself a nudist, or naturist, for about 9 years now (I am 41) I from wearing garments in our house and secluded garden. We’ve picked a homethat is away from others, allowing us to express ourselves in our own way.
Family Nudism is one type of expression for us. Just as others pick particular clothes to wear, we, in our family, simply select to wear none.

Family nudism, nudity in the household and raising nudist kids
Our young children, ages four and six, have complete approval in their bodies. They understand the proper names for their anatomy and use them accordingly.
There’s no anxiety or embarrassment about seeing a person naked. My loving husband and I regularly speak about how beautiful our kids are. Nudity, in many ways, has brought us all closer together.
As a family, we honor the rights and wishes of others as well as most societal norms. If business comes to call, such as other children from from our kids school, or when we go out in public, everyone is dressed. However, when seclusion is restored, we are all fast to shed any covering and poof – back to being the nude family again.