I think that when we see other people, we immediately associate them with matters. If someone saw my face, their reaction might be, “Oh. Well whatever, that girl’s rather why is she talking about her body she does not have any reason to whine” or maybe “Oh strange, she looks like so-and-so and I hated that girl.”

And that would shut people down and limit their own capacity to see themselves in my writing and my graphics. You’dn’t believe how many girls have written to me telling me that we’ve practically identical bodies, and if I showed my face, I Had lose that kind of open-door, “I could be anyone” feeling. Unexpectedly I ‘d become someone instead of only a body or an idea.
So in a way, it’s supplied a more open communication with others?
BtoB: Completely.I believe that had I shown my face from the start, the project would never have gained as much momentum. Or at least not with the same kind of “body positivity” crowd. I may be incorrect, of course, but at this point I am pretty stuck on my determination to remain anonymous.
It’s a trick that many fashion businesses use on the internet for e-commerceby not revealing the face of the model, the consumer is less likely to judge a piece of clothing based on the model wearing it.

Out of interest, do you believe your family and friends would be taking of the project if they understood?
BtoB: Yes and no. Or, instead, no and yes. No to family, yes to pals. Some of my friends do understand, and the conversation usually goes something like, “Yeah, so I did a thing on the web where I’m taking photos of my body and it is sort of popular now and it’s kind of bizarre but cool and I like it.”
And their response is, “Cool. Strange. Whatever. Want to play pinball or something?”I do have some buddies who are actually encouraging and allow me to talk to them about it, but for the most part, no one who I ‘ve told cares whatsoever or is ever surprised.
My family, on the other hand would be a different story if they found out. I was raised in a very conservative Christian household, so that is not really something that they would take pride in, even if I ‘m helping people feel better about themselves.
Is it because of the nudity, the topics you discuss, or both?!
BtoB: Both.And also that I am showing my naked body to the world for anyone to see. Pretty much everything to do with my job is a tremendous violation of how I was raised.
I can appreciate that coming from a very conservative, Christian family myself. You mentioned in a post your small information about vulvas and vaginas as a younger girldo you think that’s standard for most girls, and how does that effect their self-image and even their relationships later on in life? Were you able to see frequent women bare growing up? Or was that also a violation to what was perceived as “right”?
BtoB: Sadly, I do think that is fairly normal for young girls. The amount of emails I get through Tumblr from girls who tell me how much my narrative parallels theirs is astonishing. I think that usually when children get to see nudity, it’s on TV if anything and it’s movie star nudity that’s a whole lot different than a naked person in front of your eyes. I definitely think that this harms women later in life because they are never really certain what their body is “assumed” to look like and live in some form of panic that it will not match up with the notion that the man they’re with has about the female body.
I am confident that extends to men too, to a degree, but I also think it’s a lot more okay for a little boy to run around nude with another little boy than for a little girl to say, “hey, let us spread our legs and look at each others genitals!”
I never saw a naked woman growing up. I never even saw view . It was a “clothes at all times” household and you bathed by yourself if you were nude. Even swimming, I was not permitted to wear a “showing” swimsuit to call any kind of focus to my body.
I’m presuming that nudity was tied explicitly to sexuality then, even if that wasn’t communicated directly? And finally, that was not a favorable message. Do you hope that to a certain measure your site helps women, and even girls, to see a bit of “reality” that isn’t sexually charged?
BtoB: Yeah, it was the whole “nudity equals sex” notion as well as the “god wants you to cover your body” thought. Neither of which I think are healthy for a young person growing up and learning about their own body.
I do hope that my site helps folks see a little piece of reality that stands outside of the universe of pornography and sex and stars and is merely an open, honest portrait of a girl who has gone through the exact same things they’re going through. And even if they can’t talk to their mom about it or their buddies about it, it is a little affirmation that THERE’S someone out there who understands what they are going through and made it outside on the other side and is still learning and maturing.