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The Story of my Very First Naked Party

In this day and age, nudity is as common as cell phones, laptops, or its antithesis of clothes. Nudity and naturism for many, especially the young, is no big deal. Yet, nudity frequently strikes another chord with those securely planted in the “age of reason”.
My first experience with social nudity was a couple of years after graduating from college. It happened out of the blue as one would imagine with this type of matter.
Everything began when a female friend from school contacted me about attending a Come as You’re bash. I am always enthusiastic about a good party so I inquired as to the notion of the motif. I was floored when she described that “come as you are” meant attending the party nude!
Now, some might believe that being man, I would have jumped on the offer, but I was actually rather hesitant. I wondered what kind of folks would go to such a party. imagined a celebration filled with old nude hippies or exhibitionist, prancing around to music from Hair. Yet, I was also somewhat interesting.
I was flattered when my friend revealed that she had thought of me because was one of the most open minded guys she knew. She also assured me the group attending were anything but sleazy. I do not know if it was her faith in me or my own personal fascination, but after a week of pondering, I relented.
Naked Party
Our naked party nighttime approached rapidly. Upon arriving, I was apprehensive, particularly as I scanned the room seeing mainly naked masses of skin staring warmhearted and smiling at me. I was approached by the hostess who encouraged me to relax and offered me a cocktail, which I am sorry to say fast turned into three.
My friend vanished into the powder room leaving me to fend for myself. Eventually I joined in. I must confess that going unclothed in public is not that bad, albeit it was “uncomfortable” at first.
We did everything found in a traditional bash, we simply did it in the nude. We danced, had some drinks, laughed and essentially just had a good time (even though I was a little concerned for the furniture).
In the end, I found the experience rewarding. I recognized that in the grand scheme of things, clothing has nothing related to human interaction. I was pleasantly surprised at how fun and liberation nonsexual social nudity can be. Nevertheless, going nude in a public is an acquired taste. I am certain it becomes easier for some, yet, I don’t think I am quite there yet.
It is going to take me some time before I ‘m prepared to attend my next naked party 🙂
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