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Family Naturism and Growing Up Nudist
Adolescent naturists are a new experience for me. As a semi-active naturist, it’s a subject matter I read around, and hear endless misinformation about in the mass media, and have been hearing the exact same misinformation and paranoia for over twenty years. It feels as though no one learns from history and treats family naturism as though it had just started yesterday.
But we know better, as full time nudists.
Or do we?
Do we actually take some time to speak to our children about being raised nudist? Or do we merely take for granted our lifestyle alternative and only leave them to make their own choices? How much do we really know about what they’ve gone through?
As a former member of the Hawaii Skinny dippers, we’d no teen members. I created a convention that the first babe member to sign up for membership through their parents, or turned 13 as a kid member, would get a free comic book on their birthday. To this very day, I’ve never personally given any free comic books.
Family Naturism
So I took it upon myself to speak with college students in the nudist world about how they grew up and how they felt about being raised naturist. I was prepared to hear everything warts and all. At the risk of sounding negative, I assure my readers any negative statement is intended to point out real concerns on the planet of family naturism.
My first interviewee was a girl named Angie, aged 19, one of two college girls working at the Olive Dell Naturist Resort in Southern California. Eatery guidelines state that workers must be completely clothed, and it must work well since their diner has an A rating by the Board of Health.
Upon my three visits, I never saw Angie or her buddy participate in any actions in the nude. Her friend did on my fourth visit, but I reiterate, it was my fourth visit. Angie is not opposed to it, she told me. She is more than willing to drop trough if the situation calls because of it. However, neither she nor any of her closest friends at the club call themselves nudists. She feels the label simply is not essential.
Angie were raised at Olive Dell since infancy and was an extremely energetic naturist as a kid. She’d see other clubs where there would be about 50 other naturist youngsters her age during the large events, vacations, parties, but some time when she hit puberty, the number of children her age dwindled to five or less.

During this awkward phase, she felt forced to go unclothed, so she and her pals rebelled, participating fully clothed during nudist occasions. You do not see this trend revealed in naturist videos or magazines much, but from my experience it was all too common.
The resort guidelines mandate that one must be totally nude in the swimming pool, Jacuzzi and the deck around it. The veranda only above the pool, the teens felt, can be considered a gray area. Though it’s highly recommended that everyone go naked, it was frequently hard to enforce. So the outdoor veranda and the adjoining clubhouse becomes the hangout area for the adolescents.
My boyfriend was very much against nudism after met him, she says with a laugh. His family was very apprehensive. They told him that we were a tribe that danced around a campfire in the mountains and practiced cannibalism. After I told my dad, he greeted my boyfriend with a knife and fork.
Angie’s current boyfriend regularly hangs out with her and it’s common to see the four of them (Angie, her best friend and their two boyfriends) walking about completely clothed or in towels around the pool. What struck me most was that, despite the propaganda of the Naturist Society and the AANR, Angie wasn’t aware of any movements to boost nudism among young folks.
When I go to these resorts, she says. All I see are mature adults. So it is too easy for young people to assume that as a way to remain in business, nudism had to be advertised for an old demographic, no matter what doctrine they preached. But unlike other young naturists, Angie and her friend are actively in the naturist business. Working full time in the cafe gives her a steady pay check and much penetration to how the club runs. It wouldn’t surprise me if she began running the resort in ten years.
Oddly, she didn’t appear to be aware of websites that encourage naturism strictly to amateurs, since most sites can not post photographs of adolescents unless they want to pull COGs (Creepy Old Men). Being used to meeting amateurs dragged along by their naturist parents, she seemed surprised when I told her I’d wanted to be a naturist since I was 13. She did not believe it would be legal for me to have pursued it back then.
Olive Dell Ranch
Unlike other resorts, Olive Dell has the greatest amount of young adults I’d ever seen, so the feelings of solitude and isolation doesn’t seem to influence the young people there as it did in my teenage years. The youth program is quite strong and quite energetic, though I had seen they are not mentioned in CFI newscasts.
When I brought up all the paranoia surrounding the AANR youth camps in Virginia and other states, Angie and I both had to laugh. There were too many actual problems that young naturists need to cope with before handling fanciful issues which have already been solved by the camp’s rules and regulations.
But the one real dilemma still remains. Though I do not fault Angie or her friends for remaining clothed until they get some alone time, I do need certainly to wonder if the surroundings encourages her to drop trou as she says.
If there was a continuous influx of college students, not merely the post school workforce crowd of Vita Nuda West, would Angie be a more active naturist?
I’d assume so, but it is just a figure. From my observation, the young folks go naked when they are with their own community. There’s still a sense of intimacy connected with naturism. And it would be fine to have us middle aged naturists to show them that you can be nude without being intimate. It’s just a good deal of fun.
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