The Entire Story of all the Sex, Drugs and Debauchery That Didn’t Happen at the Naked Adult Pajama Party

The real story of the Krazy Kidz Adult Pajama Party
Krazy Kidz Adult Pajama Party – When I was invited to a Jungle Gym & Adult Pajama Party at Krazy Kidz in Medford, Long Island, I believed it was an ideal opportunity to get in touch with my long-lost inner child. This celebration was just an occasion for grownups who desire nothing more than to appreciate being a kid again, at least for one night. But the narrative of the party blew up into a media-fueled circus of assumptions and misunderstandings.
To give you a little back story, the occasion was masterminded by a friend of a friend. They were looking to hold a fun indoor celebration during winter months. It was held after hours at Krazy Kidz in Medford, Long Island. The direction of the institution was not involved with advertising or planning the celebration. They only viewed it as a chance to bring in a little extra income.
In all honesty, I was unsure what to expect initially. I know that for many folks, an “adult pajama party” is code for alluring lingerie. I am happy to say, that to my pleasant surprise, just about everyone there was dressed in genuine pajamas and not something found at Victoria’s Secret! I understood right away what I was in forpajamas, pizza and a jungle gym with a swing and slide? Oh yes, I ‘m undoubtedly going to feel like a kid again tonight!
krazy kidz naked party
I recalled, as do most people, how much fun it was when I was a kid; playing on the jungle gym, climbing trees and swinging at the playground with not a care in the world. I believe that as adults, we lose this childlike side that’s so crucial that you keeping us youthful and joyful. Sometimes the obligations of work and life in general get so overwhelming that people forget what it was like, many years past, when the largest worries had to do with elementary school homework.
The occasion itself was for the young-at-heart (who were 21 ). Only a few people participated in the nude aspect of it. But unfortunately, images of the party (including bare pictures) were leaked on the internet, and of the celebration reach the media where it took on a life of its own.
Here’s how it really went. I began the night investigating the jungle gym. I can not start to say how much enjoyment I had in that labyrinth! My buddies and I ran in there one after the other. We went head first down the chute, pushed each other on the swing and sat to watch the amazing aerial performers from the top. After the jungle gym we appreciated some pizza and a few drinks. Then the DJ began to play some dance music.
It was at this point that a few of my friends decided to do a “nude flash mob.” The nude flash mob was an idea we came up with that was approved by the host, to get nude at some point in the night on the dance floor. The expectation was to introduce the notion of innocent, non-sexualized nudity to this social setting (which we were told was fully okay – as long it was not a sex thing. Which it clearly wasn’t!).
Anyone who was nude, was, needless to say, quite respectful of the other people in attendance. They were also absolutely respectful of the place and its gear and only stayed on the dance floor.

I ‘ve attended many naked parties and events hosted by Fkk Portal with my buddies. Although this occasion was not hosted by FKK, everyone there abided by the rules and ethics that govern their occasions and celebrations, to the letter.
Soon after my pals got naked and danced on the dance floor, we discovered that a few others joined them. We were glad to see the open mindedness of a lot of folks at the bash. But the best part was that we were actually getting our message across – nudity, and for that matter, the human body itself, isn’t something that folks should link with shame, nor is it always sexual. Occasionally, nudity can be a source of authorization and acceptance. We created a nonjudgmental, body-positive surroundings, and the people who were there undoubtedly felt and valued that.
nudism couple has been presented in the media is profoundly upsetting. The many news outlets covering this report only interviewed the parents’ reactions to the unsubstantiated rumors surrounding the “notorious adult nude pajama party” (as it’s being called in the media).
It’s extremely unsettling to see that not one of the folks who were present and attended the event was interviewed to offer the truth about what occurred. The only “news” that’s been reported thus far has been a foolish over-dramatization of the events that took place. As far as I know, none of the reporters did their due diligence. They based their reporting on insinuations and hearsay rather than facts. Photographs were posted, but without context.
There was nudity at the occasion, but it was tasteful, simple and innocent nudity (just as it was clearly stated in the party invitation). The only focus of the news reports and the argument against the celebration was the nudity. The media would never have followed this story had there not been any reports of “nude revelers.” Despite the fact that the nudity at the celebration was no more sexual than a Spencer Tunick photo shoot, the premise was that this was a sex party. This is just the problem with this entire affair and the reckless reporters jumped all over it without taking the time to get the facts right.
The major issue this celebration has brought to light is that many people, particularly the media, cannot even comprehend the notion of non-sexualized nudity. To many, the nude human body is a source of shame; a lewd, sexual, disgusting thing that must be covered up for morality and cleanliness’ sake.
The reactions from many of the worried parents merely show how the human naked body is entirely misunderstood in American society today. Comments such as how the position “could never be cleaned enough” and how parents did not want their kids “crawling in other people’s bodily fluids” illustrates the giant disconnect folks have with the notion of nudity. Some comments went as far as to state that sex constantly goes on at “these kind of parties.” Allow me to be the first to say that maybe this is accurate for the types of occasions those commentators like to attend, but this is not the kind of occasions I Have gone to nor witnessed. The reality is that the nude body is not dirty, lewd or black. It is us in our natural shape – nothing more, nothing less.
It is important for those of us who were there to say the truth, and I was there. No one was nude on the equipment, and there was definitely no sexual activity or drug use that happened at the party. As true young naturists all know, that kind of behaviour isn’t acceptable and just not compatible with our philosophy or lifestyle. It’s important for people to comprehend the facts and context of occasions before passing judgment. Remember that we are all young at heart and that sometimes an innocent “adult nude pajama party” is only that – an innocent “adult nude pajama party”!
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