Deer Park Nudist Resort – The Friendliest Unclothed Resort in California

(By Melissa Dejanude)
Review of the Deer Park Nudist Resort in California:
Deer Park California Nudist Resort -It Is winter time and there actually aren’t too several choices where a family could visit on a low budget, notably one with a newborn baby at 5 weeks. Ever since the baby came to be, my guy and I found ourselves cooped up in your house needing to get out for .
We could not part with our newborn boy by leaving him with a baby sitter for the night since he was breastfeeding and growing through a crucial time of family bond, so we determined to bring him with us to the naturist resort and what a much better place to go to at this time than Deer Park Family Nudist Resort, “the friendliest nudist resort in Southern California.”
California Naturist Resort Deer Park
We arrived at the resort close to 6pm after hours on a Sunday night when the sun had already fallen behind the hills. The staff wasn’t expecting us so we called the after hours phone line. Within just a couple of rings someone answered the telephone and let’s through the gates to check into a cottage/trailer.
Typically they don’t take such particular requests while the office was shut; nonetheless, the after hours management took heart to our situation and made a special exception. He supplied us with a key into a big double-sized trailer with 2 single rooms and one bathroom adjoining the rooms with a hallway that connected the two.
The room contained a little microwave, coffee maker with a fine basket of coffee and accessories, a space heater, mini fridge with an adequate size deep freezer, small end table, sofa chair, dresser and a large queen sized bed with linoleum flooring.

There were 3 windows, on the side wall and 1 overlooking the bed, with sliding curtains to permit privacy.
The bathroom was a fairly large sized room that contained just one toilet, small sink, 1 window with curtains and old-time little seashell decorations.
Deer Park Nudist Resort Cottages in California
At this time the weather dropped less than 65 and our room was as cold as ice, so we cranked up the space heater all the way.
It did not take too much time for the room to get warm and cozy. As soon as we got situated in our room, we decided to head on down to the clubhouse and use the comforts. It had been way too long since the opportunity to use their Jacuzzi was accessible, 9 months in fact.
In all actuality this was the area where my guy and I thought our son. Let us just say we had a really good time that night in our own private cabin. 🙂
Nudist Unclothed Steam Room at deer Park California Nudist Resort
The clubhouse was just as I recalled it, spacious with lots of things to do. When you walk in through the back entrance you first need to walk through a small hallway which leads to the primary dining area in your right and the recreation room on your left. The kitchen isn’t usually open on Sunday nights to ensure entire area of the facility is shut off.
The recreational room is my favorite part of the resort; it contains two toilets (separating both male and female genders), 1 dressing table, 1 full size Jacuzzi with a built-in waterfall, (Do Not turn the waterfall on!) a sauna, steam room, two private showers, and a billiards/game room.
Naturist Jaccuzi W/ Waterfall at Deer Park Califonia Nudist Resort
We found ourselves right at home in the Billiards room that was well situated with 1 sofa couch, bar table and bench seat, a bookshelf full of books and board games including puzzles, a dart board, entertainment center with an average sized tv settled on the top and best of all the pool table.
We did not even have to fight over the TV channel since it was adhered on Fox 11. The remote must happen to be locked up in the entertainment cabinet combined with the movie games.
After leaping back and forth from perspiration in the steam room to soaking our bodies in the Jacuzzi and we shot off an individual game of pool and called it a night.
During this whole time we found our selves alone except for a single musician who was nice enough to offer us some drinks and play rock a by melodies on his guitar when my son started to weep. This guy was a resident at the resort and made the night quite welcome for us by sharing with us pleasure stories of his times past.
Bare Nudist Jacuzzi Room at Deer Park Nudist Resort in California