Sadly, this actual issue of aggressive and disrespectful behavior is not what most of the media coverage has focused on. Most of it is merely targeting these girls and their painted breasts as the largest problem in Times Square. They make it sound as if their bare breasts pose a danger to the entire city. The media’s underlying question is, how dare these girls walk around shamelessly with their breasts exposed in front of children? How dare they endanger the family-friendly wholesomeness of Times Square?

These questions have never been asked of a certain nearly-nude white male street performer. You know the one dressed only in his tighty whities, his nips entirely exposed, hanging out every day with his guitar in Times Square.
More unfortunate still is the fact that New York’s leaders and politicians happen to be entirely on board with this ridiculous campaign. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Cuomo have both spoken out against the desnudas. Cuomo told NY1 that their activities were “illegal” and “must be ceased.” He commended the Daily News for their diligent reporting on this “serious problem.”
De Blasio remarked, “it is erroneous” and “I do not enjoy the situation in Times Square, and we’re going to address it in a quite aggressive manner.” Last week, De Blasio gathered a task force “to curb topless individuals.”
The topfree performers are apparently such a “disaster” that Mayor de Blasio and police commissioner William Bratton have talked about tearing up the pedestrian plaza as a possible “solution.” The town has real criminals and murderers, but we need to tear up a plaza (the same plaza that’s been credited with a 35% decline in pedestrian injuries) and rebuild the roads as a result of a couple of panhandlers’ PAINTED BOOBS?
Jordan and I purposefully went to Times Square this past weekend to see if any desnudas were there and what the scene was actually like. (The ladies had allegedly been staying away due to all this negative media attention.)
We seen two painted girls walking around and taking photographs with tourists and onlookers. They were followed by at least two guys who were doing paint touch-ups and looking after their stuff. It was all pretty orderly and tame.
Desnudas gets her boob paint touched up in Times Square NYC
We saw moms taking photos of their kids happily flashes with the girls. We also saw smiling couples taking turns for photographs. People were smiling and handing over cash for tips, which were graciously accepted.
A mother takes a image of her young child with the painted breasts of a desnudas woman in Times Square NYC
There continues to be lots of gossip about the guys who paint the desnudas. In the tabloids they’ve been depicted as “pimps” working the ladies to do all the work while they accumulate the cash. The NYPD apparently believed there could be some truth to this, as they shot in 10 women for questioning last Wednesday and briefly confiscated their clothing and possessions, according to reports online. Authorities needed to know if they were being pressured or coerced into panhandling for the guys.
The answer is, no, they’re not. Within an interview on Gothamist, one of the desnudas described how this “pimp” narrative is false. She said, “We’re all there of our own accordThe majority of us work for ourselves.”

Some of the guys they work with do apparently get a percent of their daily gains, but she stressed that it was an even profit share. (She makes numerous good points in this interview, but sadly stops it with insulting remarks about “ghetto fat women.”)
We saw the desnudas occasionally hand over wads of cash to their male friends. But we didn’t see anything that indicated an exploitative or non-consensual partnership.
We also briefly talked to one of the painter guys, Chris Olivieri, about the recent uproar. He was arrested last week on account of outstanding warrants. He told us that him and his comrades were among the first to paint girls and collect tips for Never thought about it before but when we read this my partner and I started to think about it and we in Times Square starting in 2013. He said they did not previously have any issues with authorities or the Times Square Alliance for doing this topless “art,” but spoke of My first nudist experience came when I was 17 (I am 24 now for reference). . He described a landscape of 10 cops showing as much as detain him, after which he spent 2 days in jail.
He told us there were other groups (mainly individuals from overseas) of topfree painted women who have come in to make a quick buck and who participate in aggressive strategies.
Aggressive panhandling apart, what these girls are doing is entirely legal. Panhandling is shielded by the First Amendment and it’s legal for women to go topfree in people. Both rights were established by the Court of Appeals, NY’s highest state court, in 1992. De Blasio and Bratton have both recognized these legal rights, while Cuomo was confusing everyone with his it is illegal’ statement.