Sexual modesty cannot then in any simple way be identified by means of

clothing, nor shamelessness with the absence of clothing and total or partial
nakedness. There are conditions in which nakedness isn’t immodest. ..
Nakedness as such is not to be equated with physical shamelessness.
Immodesty is present only when nakedness plays a negative role regarding the
Worth of the individual …
The human body is not in itself shamefu4 nor for the same motives are
Animal reactions, and human sensuality in general. Shamelessness (only like shame


In A Christian View of Shame and the Body, David M. Blood offers a
contrary view. When shame and distress towards our bodies is found as being sinful or
indecent, he says our heads are more prone to impure thoughts. He claims that God did
not think for us to be ashamed of our bodies or to have impure thoughts, (Genesis 2:25
Adam and Eve were naked and unashamed), and that if there were something indecent or
sinful about our bodies, then there would be something indecent and sinful about God.
Blood continues by stating that pity, hate, separation from God, battle with others, and
selfishness, to name a couple, resulted from the fall as well, and admits that we are not
taught that these are great qualities to possess. The question Blood poses is, “Why then
have we been so deceived to instruct that disgrace of the bodies God gave us is correct and should
control the way we live, when it’s also due to the drop?”


Blood brings up an interesting point by question whether individuals with negative
views about the body particularly shame, have a tendency to fight more with impure thoughts than
those with a comfortable amount of body approval. He mentions how kids are affected
by their parents’ views about the body, and how these perspectives mold their self images.
For example, are children being taught the human body is God’ s creation and that it’s
good, or are they being told that it is something to be ashamed of, that particular parts should
be kept hidden? He also says that children should understand that rape, sexual abuse, and
lust, exist not because of the way we show our bodies, but because of sinful acts. If
Kids are taught that the body is wonderful, amazing, and worthy of admiration as

opposed to being that of a sex object, then the child will have a better chance of forming a

positive attitude about himself and the human body.

One would not assert that we’re born into this world naked and unashamed.
Babies and little children are clearly indifferent to nudity and except for the essential to
Remain warm, could care less about wearing clothing. Seeing others nude seems to have little
or no change on children either. So why are Naturists looked upon with contempt. Most likely
because some people link the unclothed body mainly with sex, and since sex in
public places is considered incorrect, so is social nudism. Naturists don’t use their nude
bodies for the benefit of sexual gratification in public or private places. Naturists just enjoy
being nude, it feels natural to them, and since they have such high amounts of body
Endorsement, don’t judge others by physical looks, scoffing at the concept that one
must possess or reinvent an ideal body. Cosmetic improvements such as breast
augmentations, tummy tucks, liposuction, botox shots and face lifts entice Americans to
spend millions of dollars every year in the quest for the youthful perfect body. Often times
we hear or see ads geared towards a product’s likelihood of enhancing one’s sex
Allure. As an example, clothing, hair care products, teeth-whitening procedures, and even
Particular makes of cars, all of which usually involves a young attractive male or
female marketing not only the product, but a specific image too. Naturists on the other hand
are more in tune with themselves, therefore eliminating the need to impress others.
A recent visit to two well known book stores in an effort to aid me in my studies
on social nudism proved to be very enlightening. Unfortunately to say I did not come home with any
Applicable publications pertaining to the area of Naturists. Nonetheless, do believe that it is worth

mentioning the reactions I experienced from the sales clerks I talked with in each shop.
Upon entering the first book store, I was greeted with a friendly sales clerk keen to help me
in any manner she could. I asked her if she had any books or magazines pertaining to societal
nudism or Naturists. To swingers beach , her facial expressions changed dramatically and she
replied no. She proceeded to gently tell me that the shop used to have a magazine about
Societal nudism but it was discontinued over two years past. I presumed to myselfhmrnm, while
thanking her, and left the shop. As I carried on to the next book store down the road, my
Fascination became aroused and I started wondering what I would encounter next. Once again
I was greeted with a favorable sales clerk, and I introduced the question if the shop carried any