The depressing part is that most people WOn’t stand up and say something. As in the case mentioned previously – anyone who knows me would know that I am not in habit of trolling Facebook looking for images to report. But yet, most will not utter a word when they see a post about it. Those who remain silent are equally as awful as those that created the drama in the first place.

Some people are fearful that they WOn’t have the ability to attend a party because they stood up for what’s right. In such cases, I ‘ve to ask – Is going to a bash worth throwing away common decency? Why would you even want to support a group that intimidates others? It simply does not sound right. We as human beings should rise above such petty and self-serving behavior. If you see something – say something!
Essentially, the good people will remain quiet while the bullies of the world go about bashing folks. This must cease. Individuals need to grow up and leave High School behind. These endless attacks by “fellow” naturists on FKK, Felicity and myself need to cease.
The image above is an excellent example of the kind of correspondences that I loathe. It was a private message in my experience on Twitter. As you are able to see, the person has already made up their minds about FKK and could not be troubled to ask me or us about anything before sending me that note. They additionally unfollowed me (I figure out of protest) so I don’t have any way of answering back via private message. This bashandrun behaviour is at the core of the communication problems that many on-line are compelled to deal with. On a positive note, at least they didn’t post it freely which is the minimum I could ask for.
We have not answered to the many strikes throw upon us lately. Mostly because there’s no truth in what they say. If you have seen such posts and desire clarification, then just ask us directly. Additionally, unfortunately, most of the accusers have not met us nor have they attended any of our gatherings or events. Do not trust what you learn – find out for yourself.
If you have a problem with me, I want to understand. I ‘m human, I make errors. If I ‘m in the wrong, I will be the first to declare it. But don’t go around attempting to tarnish my reputation or hurt me by spreading lies. I have not done anything, intentionally, to hurt anyone. I anticipate exactly the same kind of respect in return.
We can also agree to disagree – nothing wrong with having different opinions.
Now that I ‘ve vented, I just want to ask individuals to be a little less mean and judgmental, and a little more compassionate. I also need to urge people to stand up for what they feel is correct. Hell, both Felicity and I got arrested for standing up for what we believe in and while the experience was not pleasing, it was the right thing to do and we are better for this.
Additionally, let this serve as a warning to those who wish to be part of our group. If you’ve got problems, DON’T post them openly. That may end up getting you booted up. Always be direct and reach out via email or private message.
We’re working our asses off for a better tomorrow – please quit trying to damage . For the most part, those “fellow” naturists who would love to see us close down are the same people who directly or indirectly reap the most benefit from the work we do.
In closing, I would merely like to address one last issue – our support of the Young Naturist Gathering at Sunsport Gardens in Florida as this is a supply of hate-driven rants.
For those who may not know, Sunsport Gardens is hosting the young naturist bashes right from the start. Their events have been taking place on the same dates for the last few years. This year, a couple of days after they declared their 7th annual gathering of young naturists, they found out (through Facebook of all areas) the group Florida Young Naturists, that have been mostly forming those events, had determined to hold their event during exactly the same weekend at another nudist place.
This is why Sunsport Gardens reached out to us to help support the event and get the word out. No one as of yet from the FYN group has been able to clarify to me why Nudist Portal should not be supporting the efforts set forth by Sunsport Gardens.
While it may irk some, for whatever reason, or change our position. Sunsport Gardens continues to be the home and birth place of many naturists and their devotion to naturist values is unwavering.
There is simply no reason why this delightful, warm, inviting and safe community, full of amazing families, shouldn’t continue to receive support from value driven groups and organizations such as FKK.
To all those that seek to bash us for helping out a great naturist resort, you should be ashamed of yourselves! FYN never even asked us to help or get involved and consequently, as I see it, they have zero justification for his or her relentless bullying.