How Naked and Afraid Paved The Way For Dating Naked and TV Nudity?

Naked and frightened and dating nude uncensored TV nudity chat:
For those of you who may not be aware, we receive requests from production companies and casting agents every other week. These businesses, for the most part, are searching for individuals who are comfortable being naked on screen, to participate in their reality shows. But what caused this surge of curiosity about naked people on TV in the first place?
Most folks know that TV networks are constantly searching for new ideas for shows that will bring in good money. This really is no big secret. But what they care about more isn’t losing cash or sponsors. Appeasing the sponsors is the top priority as they’re the driving force behind every show. Without their money there would be no TV show.
So how did we get from no nudity to lots of naked people on TV? For the most part so that as a rule of thumb, nudity does not sell, it is the sexual component that does. But shows like Naked and Afraid or Dating Naked don’t actually have the sexual component all they have is nude people doing different things, and many of the things they do are by no means appealing or sexual.
The reasons why TV networks are so overly concerned about straightforward nudity is that they don’t want to lose patrons. Patrons are looking for exposure (excuse the pun). They have been also concerned about where and when their advertisements appear as they don’t need to piss off their clientele.
What exactly was the reason that everything changed with regards to nudity on TV? The simple answer is – the viewers!
Naked and Afraid, Discovery Channel
The big game changer for non sexualized nudity on TV was the show Naked and Afraid. The absolute volume of viewers was so tremendous the sponsors came beating down the Discovery Channel’s doorways. Despite the nudity, they desired to showcase their products to this huge new audience. The ratings were so high that no one cared about the nudity anymore – the results speak for themselves.
Without Naked and Afraid, none of the others TV shows like Dating Naked or Buying Naked (real estate show on TLC), would have ever been made. The fascinating aspect of all this is the fact that the general public tunes in initially for the nudity, but keeps viewing for the content.
To be totally honest, we turned down VH1 when they first reached out to us months ago. They were quite surprised at how uninterested we were and naturally they needed to know why. I drafted a rather long email that clarified the core issues we’ve with sensationalizing nudity. I gave them all the reasons for my anxiety and explained every dilemma as best I could. Additionally , I expressed hope that they’d focus on the content and never on the nakedness.
Now Relationship Nude is a hit. In my own opinion, the producers at VH1’s Dating Naked did . They created a show which was way better than we had ever believed possible (at least these days). I for one am happy to say that I was wrong about Dating Naked – I couldn’t ask for much more from a mainstream TV network (other than making the non censored versions available as well).
I learned all this during a meeting I had with a generation business over . Additionally , I learned that while many of them concur that blurring the body parts may be sending a wrong message, they look at it as a starting point. Perhaps by launch more shows with nudity on TV, that are NOT focused on sexuality, we’ll manage to see full uncensored TV nudity in the close future.
It’s all basically around the sponsors, and the sponsors go where the viewers are. So in essence, it really is up to us, the audience, to dictate what can or can not be revealed. So if you want a dating nude uncensored TV variant then its up to you personally to speak up and tune in!
Relationship Naked Uncensored TV Nudity
I urge people to comment on this particular place as some of the producers may be reading it. In addition , I request that people use e-mail, letters and engage on social networks – give props for how far TV nudity has come but also mention the body shame which will be caused due the censorship aspect.
Felicity and I are constantly engaging with people and networks but we want you to support our efforts. Re-tweeting, sharing posts and engaging directly are the tools to make this happen. So please make your voices heard!
Now it’s your turn to weigh in I would love to hear your thoughts about the naked reality shows and the recent spike in nudity on TV. Can you think that shows like dating nude and / or naked and frightened are doing a good or bad occupation as far as the non sexual social nudity is worried?
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