Firstly, I think being a naturist/naturist is a self-diagnosed ailment. There isn’t any precise checklist of aspects, and I can’t describe anyone else that way unless (s)he makes it clear. Not too several years past, any American who got nude for anything aside from sex or showers would have been considered a naturist. (For simplicity, I’m sticking to Americans.) Now, college kids have naked parties, plus some of them streak once a year wearing nothing but pumpkins on their heads; people go to Europe and undress appropriately at naked beaches; folks go to all over-body-painting celebrations; people do naked yoga; individuals are buck naked in the World Naked Bike Ride (OMG even in Philadelphia!); but neither they nor I might necessarily consider them naturists/naturists – they are just comfortable being nude with other naked people when that is what the occasional scenario calls for. (Most Europeans would consider a totally normal and healthy attitude, not deserving of any label. I do too.)

I consider myself a nudist/naturist because the ability to be clothing-free, sky-clad, nude, is significant if you ask me. It doesn’t interfere with the fabric segments of my life, but being a naturist/naturist is on the list of features with which I would describe who I ‘m. Will I drive extra miles to get to some naked beach rather than stop at a textile playa? Will I go to a great deal of trouble to get to a location or an event where I can feel the spiritual comfort of being naked with other nude people? Do I find myself believing, in some cloth situation, “Gee – it’d be nice to be naked”? Will I support any nudist organization or occasion that helps make the point that social nudity is ok? Do I encourage folks to give it a try? Am I conscious of being a fitter and happier person mainly because of the inclusion of social nudity in my own life? All these, and more, get “yes.” Is this obsession/compulsion? I do not believe so. Naturism/naturism does not dominate my life – it is only one significant part of it.
So my own view (which I don’t lay on anyone else) is that there’s, in fact, more to being a naturist/naturist than just taking part in, and/or loving, naked recreation. It’s a question of whether or not it’s significant. How important? I do not know. You determine.
Mr. Sandy
John Andersen Nude Recreation Advocate:
That is a loaded question in part because the key words in the question can carry such a wide variety of meaning and connotation for different people. For many, even the choice of naturist vs naturist carries with it almost a religious fervor and like faith there are as many forms of but also many commonalities.
There’s also been lots of discussion around the usage of the word “diversion.” For some, sex is so how does that impact the term “unclothed recreation”? Regardless of the vagaries of the English language I see two parts to your own question. One is, “What does naturism/naturism mean to me?” and the other is comparable to asking “If I visit a church/sFKKgogue/temple does that make me an adherent to that special faith?”.
In my opinion it’s perfectly ok to have a number of opinions in what nudism/naturism means, and it is perfectly ok to simply visit without buying into whatever doctrine is being promoted so long as you’ren’t a hazard to the community.
I believe the question we actually need certainly to grapple with is what defines a danger to the community aside from bad behavior in one’s presence and possibly that even changes with the local community. We can likely all agree a pedophile represents a genuine threat, but other features can differ significantly in terms of “danger variable” depending on the prevailing views of the community (as I understand FKK is painfully conscious of).
These dilemmas aren’t unique to the nudist community, but are universal social dilemmas which brings us full circle to the thought that nudists are just like everybody else, except they frequently prefer to be without clothes. Does that answer your question? Likely not, but hopefully it is food for thought.
Dan, President of the Long Island Travasuns:
I go naked at Lighthouse Beach and at Travasuns occasions, but I usually do not think of myself as a naturist or a naturist. I got involved with the Travasuns because I enjoyed the parties and the individuals and one thing led to another. Since becoming the president of the Travasuns, I joined AANR and TNS. That is it.