hiking trails, and at naturist and clothing-optional resorts. At Red Rock Beach,

Lupin, and The Sequoians I have happened upon individuals I knew elsewhere–students
from the seminary at which I teach, a psychotherapist coworker, a graphics
designer who has provided me designs for continuing education marketing, a
Graduate Theological Union administrator. I have met interesting people who in
their textile lives are computer engineers, a museum curator, freelance artists,
stock brokers, students, military, other clergy, all sorts and conditions.
This life may be OK in a
certain sense surely there are moments of enjoyment and satisfaction but
the once-imagined joy, the liberty and protection that beckoned are not quite
right. Things feel stale and confining and splintered, a strait jacket that once
Seemed like wings. There are great moments to be sure, but nude beach sex huge is missing.
Worse, this all may have occurred more than once. And worst of all may be the
Understanding that there’s no one to blame but myself.
Actually, coming to such a
Recognition, however cloying it may feel, is fairly a good thing. Believe of the
number of
The readiness to do
something about it. Is there some way to settle issues and in that case what’s that
As a first step there has
to be some examination of the scenario. So I took a
With some evaluation,
things grow a bit clearer. Isnt it my own customs, built up over a lifetime,
that appear to guide these measures. And what are those habits? Looking as closesly
as possible, I find that those wily Buddhists werent too far wrong: Greed,
anger and folly, spliced together with connections to each, are strong indeed.
I want what I want when I desire it, but have I actually taken the time to analyze
who this I is? The response comes back, no I havent. I ‘ve presumed I understand who
I am and acted properly. If I dream it, it must be thus. Since it doesnt turn
out thus, something is out of whack.
Examining farther, I
discover change, a matter about which I was capable of saying a great deal but
incapable of actually recognizing in my heart or actualizing in my life. If I
acknowledge change in the deepest possible manner, where would that leave Me?”
you know, the me with dreams and staleness, with delight and strait jackets, the
one who’s the same from one day to the next, the one others call guy or
woman, kind or unkind, tall or short, shrewd or deluded, papa or
Mom, rich or poor? Without the handholds, where would I be? On the
other hand, WITH the handholds, where has it gotten me?
Without the handholds is
Frightening. With the handholds is unsatisfactory. This examining company leads to
some tight and ardent places. Sometimes there’s a desire to fall back into a
World of attributing and crediting others, of being full of perfect dreams that
dissolve on contact, of a sure footed me who succeeds and fails bring on the
Tooth Fairy or God or Easter Bunny or magic bullet! But there isn’t any going back
for those who take their evaluations seriously. Stopping before the assessment
is over falling into old reliable ways of finding the one positive response is a
Dingbats mission, a zealots joy. There’s just one direction forwards.
It takes nerve and
patience and uncertainty. Change is everywhere and always and analyzing its furthest
reaches is the job at hand. Breath after breath, day after day, week after
week, every year. Talk is cheap. Evaluation is expensive evaluation
will rob you deaf, dumb and blind. But as we came into the world penniless and
naked, so pennilessness and nakedness aren’t so awful. When there is nothing to
Purchase, why buy it? How could we don what we already have on? Doesnt nude latin girls on beach feel
Great against this naked skin?
I discovered that Soen Roshi,
my teachers teacher, once stood before a group of Zen students and asked, Do
you need to see what a bodhisattva looks like? And he continued to strip down
to his skivvies. Layer after layer of robes down to his skivvies, at which
point he said something like, there are some things even a bodhisattva doesnt
take off.
Layer after layer is
Analyzed. Layer after layer is set aside. Layer after layer of comfort and
What we keep on and what
we take off is entirely our responsibility. Not taking duty leads to
dissatisfaction. Taking responsibility well, its like skinny dipping
doesnt that feel better? And being nude, how would it be possible to fail?
There doesnt the sun
feel great against this nude skin?
A clothing optional vacation is just like
your other vacations – with one important exception – you do not have to wear
Garments. An increasing number of people are enjoying these kinds of holidays and a
growing amount of first class resorts are offering the alternative to go topless or
Clothes-Optional or Bare diversion has been