Our First Bare Halloween Party – Happy Nude-a-ween!!!

Our very first Bare Halloween Bash in NJ:
Nude Halloween Party – Just in case you missed it on October 22nd, FKK and Ranger World partnered up to take on the Jersey coast with a Bare-A- nudist erection !
What exactly is Ranger World, you say? It’s a group that assembles at Sandy Hook / Gunnison naturist beach for a lively social scene, while keeping a watch out for camera pervs and misbehaving peeps that need a stern word or “kick” in the other direction. We just discovered the group this past summer, but we have been told they’ve been around for 30 years!
So some of the Ranger World guys decided to keep inhabiting their coast place with some nude Halloween celebration hoopla in the off-season.
Their site was a huge club / bar with a dance floor in one room and tavern in the other. We joined about 30-40 individuals and a great mix of guys and gals. Some were in full costume, some wearing accessories and some with costumes painted on, for example a complete-body painted skeleton. Sweet.
These aren’t RW or FKK folks, but they would be if we had a naked pumpkin run at our Nude Halloween Celebration!
We danced with the DJ, conversed and mingled over drinks, and most remarkably of all, played naked Twister! Which sounds incorrect, and maybe it is, but nevertheless made for an enjoyable, quite interesting game of Twister!
Additionally, just a reminder that this Thursday November 3rd is the naked launching bash for Bare Naked Bake Sale! This is a new firm in NYC that uses tasteful, artistic, provocative, thoughtful nudity to raise cash for a cause or organization.
They will be starting their new web site and showing you how you can create your own bare photo shoot if you so fancy! It is not clothing-optional sadly, but it will be a good time! Come check it out.
You must buy a ticket ($20 ea) in advance: https://www.wepay.com/tickets/bnakedb
Trust you all had a Happy Bare Halloween celebration, or as we like to call it – Bare-a-ween and see you Thursday!
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